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Kitchen Trends 2018/19

At Shelswell’s Kitchens Northampton we love to keep up-to-date with changing kitchen preferences and trends! And we love even more to share this with our customers.

Kitchens Northampton

There is a whole host of sources for kitchen inspiration online, but one of our favourites, comes from the Houzz Annual Kitchen Trends Study. The Reports help us to compare our Northampton based work to the wider world of kitchens over the last year. And it can also provide new inspiration for our future customers this year.

It’s not just us that holds Houzz as a helpful source of inspiration either – over 2,000,000 of UK residents refer to Houzz regularly, for home interior project ideas!

Houzz Kitchen Trends Study 2018

The full report can be found by Clicking Here.

Below is what we found most interesting!

It seems we’re all quite fond of our kitchens! The survey found that we spend around 12% of our lives in the kitchen, which is on average, nearly 3 hours a day in our kitchens!

This suggests a rather strong relationship between homeowners and the heart of their homes!

  • Over 50% of us prefer an open plan kitchen-diner; seamless integration between living spaces continues to be a key homeowner priority

  • This is represented in our work for 2018, where the majority of new kitchens included a kitchen-diner design

Kitchens Northampton

  • An increasing number of home owners are choosing to open their kitchen into nearby rooms, enhancing the space available & offering an open-plan design

  • In fact, Houzz found that 58% of people were making their new kitchen open-plan

  • Furthermore, over 50% of those surveyed were attempting to open their kitchen space to allow for a natural flow in to their garden

Kitchens Northampton

  • Within this design, another key priority was the Kitchen Island, which continues to be popular with 41% of people opting for one

  • Were space has allowed, most of our customers chose a kitchen island or a worktop layout which allows for extra food prepping space, dinning space and storage

Kitchens Northampton

  • While contemporary style kitchens remain dominant, the industrial style is increasing in popularity with features such as exposed brick, metro tiles and reclaimed wood

  • Gas hobs also remain dominant, although the induction hob is gaining popularity

Kitchens Northampton

  • Wine fridges are becoming more popular and the survey suggests this is particularly true for homeowners in London!

  • More and more kitchens are including a TV and integrated music system

  • Boiling water taps are also becoming more popular

  • Spotlights continue to dominate kitchen lighting, although the pendant style lights are increasing

Kitchens Northampton

  • Cutting through the clutter remains a primary motivation for kitchen renovation

  • With over 80% of people surveyed wanting their new kitchen to make better use of space, storage and organisation of kitchen tools and appliances

  • Nearly 70% noted kitchen storage as a necessity, which has seen an increase in walk-in pantry’s, pantry cupboards and built-in cabinet storage designs (i.e. pull-out waste cupboards, pull-out corner cupboards, draw organisers etc)

Kitchens Northampton

Kitchens Northampton

  • One feature which has never gone out of style and continues to be a popular necessity is – the kitchen table!

  • The most noticeable element of trends and fashions is the aesthetics of the kitchen

  • One feature which is continuously chasing is our choice of colour scheme!

  • Darker shades of blue and green are increasing in popularity and availability

Kitchens Northampton

  • But shades of Grey and white continued as the most popular for 2018

  • Most of our customers tend to go with neutral creams, greys and white for their colour cabinet schemes and then compliment with a range of colours though painted walls and accessories.

Kitchens Northampton

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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

REF: 2018 UK Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. Nearly 5,000 UK and Irish homeowners were surveyed about their kitchen preferences for their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects in the Houzz UK’s 2018 Kitchen Trend Report.

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