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The Heart of your Home!

How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Do visitors tend to congregate in your kitchen space? The kitchen can be the life and soul of any good party or gathering!

In fact, it’s been suggested that there is a strong “relationship between homeowners and the heart of their homes”… The Kitchen! So much so, that we “spend around 12% of our lives in there, which is a staggering 2.8 hours a day”.

Whether it be cooking, cleaning, eating or socialising, the Kitchen is the place to be!

According to a recent Kitchen Trend Report over half of UK homeowners would prefer an open-plan kitchen-diner space in their homes. Open integration of living spaces is becoming more and more popular! Is this a key priority in your home refurbishment plans?

Kitchens Northampton & Shelswells Carpentry can undertake internal construction to remove walls and allow for a bigger, more luxurious kitchen-diner-living space.

See our Gallery and read our Reviews for more info. Or Contact Us today to discuss your new kitchen.

Is it time to renovate the Heart of your Home?

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